Advanced Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS Course
(Agilent Course #R1657A)

Course Description:

This four-day lecture and hands-on laboratory course covers advanced concepts in API electrospray and APCI LC triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS method development, method optimization and instrument operation to achieve the necessary goals for developing a useful and rugged LC/MS/MS assay . The majority of the class is devoted to hands-on instrument operation, supplemented with laboratory experiments using samples the students bring to the class. The Agilent 1200 Series rapid resolution LC and 6410 triple quadrupole MS/MS system is used to help students acheive their needs with emphasis on methods development to improve sensitivity, minimizing sample suppression and interferences, optimization, specificity and improving sample throughput. The student will gain many practical tricks and tips that they can bring back home to aid them in future method development and optimization. In addition, they will go back to their workplace with an optimized LC/MS/MS anlytical method specifically for the samples they brought to the class.

(see the course calendar below for available course dates).

This Course Includes the following:

  • Four days of lecture and hands-on training using the student samples
  • Hardcopy of course materials
  • An optimised LC/MS/MS analytical method for the student samples
  • Custom instruction and problem solving sessions by Dr. Robert D. Voyksner
  • No more than four or five students per instrument

  • Initial method development- choosing mode of ionization, polarity for detection, fragmentor optimization and collision energy optimization for your sample
  • Initial chromatography considerations and initial LC separations that should be evaluated for your sample. Also initial sample prep procedures will reviewed
  • Evaluating he initial results and addressing changes to meet sensitivity, specificity and throughput considerations for your analysis
  • Improving the chromatography,-small particle, short and narrow columns
  • Finding that factor of 10 improvement in sensitivity - (or multiple factors of 2 improvement in sensitivity) through customization of the tune conditions, chromatography and instrument settings for your analysis
  • Improving the specificity of the analysis- ions to monitor and number of ions to detect, chromatographic issues, recognizing matrix interferences and how to overcome them.
  • Meeting the criteria you need to achieve in precision, accuracy, LOQ, blanks and linearity for a quantitative assay. What you can try if there are problems in meeting any of these criteria
  • Ways to improve the sample throughput.
  • Evaluating you method robustness and performance - Is it ready to be validated?

Required Prerequisites:

  • The Agilent R1893A training course or 1-3 months operation of the 6410 Triple Quad.

Student Profile:

  • The course is designed for the operator who wants to understand the advanced concepts and operation of Electrospray and APCI 1200 Rapid resolution LC 6410 Triple quadrupole MS/MS. The course is tailored for operators who need and how to better utilize the Triple quadrupole system in the development of methods, optimization of methods, and for qualitative and quantitative determinations. Key points of improving sensitivity, minimizing interferences and suppression, improving specificity and decreasing analysis time.

Course Calendar:

    February 23-26, 2009
    September 14-17, 2009
    December 7-10, 2009
How to register:
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