Advanced Agilent 1100 / 6100 Series LC/MSD Course (H8981A)

Course Description:

This four-day lecture and hands-on laboratory course covers advanced concepts in electrospray and APCI LC/MS method development, method optimization, instrument operation, qualitative and quantitative analysis. The majority of the class is devoted to hands-on instrument operation with laboratory experiments on the 1100 LC/MSD that emphasize the topics covered in the lectures. This course can be customized towards pharmaceuticals and biomolecules or for environmental applications (see the course calendar below for course dates).

This Course Includes the following:

  • Four days of lecture and hands-on training
  • Hardcopy of course materials
  • Instruction and problem solving sessions by Dr. Robert D. Voyksner
  • No more than four or five students per instrument


  • Advanced ion formation processes in electrospray and APCI
  • Advanced Electrospray and APCI LC/MS operation
  • Optimizing the LC/MSD method for your analysis
  • Developing a method for qualitative determinations
  • Interpretation of the Qualitative results-CID Interpretation
  • Developing a quantitation method using external standards
  • Developing a quantitation method using isotopically labeled internal standards
  • Increasing sample throughput
  • System maintenance and diagnostics
  • Solving problems in proteomics* (Pharmaceuticals and Biomolecules course only)

Required Prerequisites:

  • The Agilent H1181A training course or 1-3 months operation of the 1100 LC/MSD.
Student Profile:

  • The course is designed for the operator who wants to understand the advanced concepts of electrospray and APCI LC/MS and how to better utilize the 1100 LC/MSD in development of method, optimization of methods and for qualitative and quantitative determinations.

Course Calendar:

    March 9-12, 2009
    September 28 - October 1, 2009

How to register:

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