Robert D. Voyksner


Dr. Robert D. Voyksner received his B.S. in Chemistry at Canisius College in 1978 and his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982.
As a member of the Research Triangle Institute staff since 1983, Robert has been responsible for developing extraction, separation and mass spectrometric methods for biologically and environmentally significant compounds. He has primarily employed HPLC/MS on quadrupoles, sectors and ion trap mass spectrometers for positive and negative ion detection for specific compounds. His pioneering work in HPLC/MS and HPLC/ion trap MS has demonstrated the capability to perform analysis of compounds not amenable to analysis by GC/MS. Specifically, he has worked on the development and evaluation of electrospray HPLC/MS methods for the analysis of high molecular weight opioid peptides, antimalarials, anticancer drugs, nucleotides, antibiotics, proteins and cyclodextrins. He has been working with FDA for the past nine years to develop new methodology using electrospray HPLC/MS and capillary electrophoresis-MS to detect and measure antibiotics (-lactams and aminoglycosides) in food and milk to insure human food safety.

In addition, he is has developed methods and evaluated the use of electrospray HPLC/MS and ion trap MS/MS for environmental monitoring, particularly for the detection of azo dyes and pesticides (including carbamate, methyl urea, triazine, organophosphorous and phenolic acid ). He has developed CE/MS and CE/Ion trap MS methods for the identification of DNA adducts from exposure to nitrocompounds and pesticides.

Dr. Voyksner's research in mass spectrometry has resulted in over 230 publications and presentations, primarily in the area of HPLC/MS. He has served on the Board of The American Society For Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), is on the organization committee for The Montreux LC/MS Symposium, and was the organizer for the 1995, 1999 and 2003 Montreux LC/MS Symposium. He is the organizer for the 2007 Montreux LC/MS Symposium (location yet to be determined). Dr. Voyksner has taught LC/MS short courses for the past 15 years for ASMS, every major pharmaceutical company, ISSX, PBA, HPCE and other HPLC focused meetings.

Now, as president of LCMS Limited, Robert has brought his expertise in mass spectrometry along with years of experience in training and problem solving together into focus and guides LCMS Limited to strive for excellence in its mission of "...chasing tomorrow through research, innovation and education today....."