Training courses in LC/MS/MS


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Student comments to Voyksner’s training courses and what they liked about the courses

Voyksner is very knowledgeable and patience to explain in very detailed.

Professor was extremely knowledgeable and gave relevant, practical advice for real problems associated with designing methods for LCMS.

Robert is an amazing teacher and was so great at explaining the different principles.

The course content was really in depth and engaging. Also loved the quiz questions.

Wonderful course and very knowledgeable instructor.

Problem solving and examples

Mostly the LC, MS, LC-MS/MS technical parts, esp. the detail explanation on CID.

Spectra analysis and the overview of compound fragmentation.

Covering some theory and history of mass spec.  I also enjoyed the animations of ionization and CID. It helped to visualize what was happening.

Troubleshooting and interpretation of mass spectra.

Enjoyed the problem sets, found them very helpful and a nice way to feel more engaged in the class.

The quiz questions and introductory slides.

Overview of techniques and their pros and cons.

I learned some key things to implement in order to improve sensitivity